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What we do

We create open source security research tools.

You can use our tools to learn about the security of your devices and educate about common vulnerabilities.

Our mission is to provide an easy and beginner friendly entry to the information security community. Therefore all our work is accessible and open to interested developers, makers and hackers alike.

What is Hacking

Hacking is often associated with something bad, but it's actually a much broader term that has many meanings. Hacking, at its core, is about understanding and overcoming a technical problem in a creative way.

We practice ethical hacking. Our work focuses on making known techniques more accessible to educate about preventable attacks. It's all about creating interest and sensibility about the technology we use daily.

> Hacker ethics


Esp8266 Deauther project logo

ESP8266 Deauther


Learn about WiFi security with deauthentication attacks and other 'hacks'.
All running on an inexpensive ESP8266 WiFi SoC.

WiFi Duck project logo

WiFi Duck


Test and study keystroke injection attacks.
Wi-Fi controlled 'Bad USB' device to remotely execute Ducky Scripts.


Retia logo


Retia is creating educational video content about infosec tools.

Maltronics logo


Maltronics develops open source tools to make IT security easier and more interesting to learn and teach about.


Travis Lins' development boards are perfect for everyone who likes to tinker around and support our open source developments.